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Reread: The Highlander Series by Karen Marie Moning

The Highlanders Touch by Karen Marie Moning

Lisa is only 23 and has to take care of her dying mother and works two jobs just to make it. Her life isn't what she planned but she has a job that allows her to learn and study artifacts at the museum which feeds her curious nature. One night as she is cleaning she falls asleep in her bosses office only to be awoken when he comes in and is discussing the great find he has made. Once the coast is clear she can't help but open the beautiful box and when she touches the object inside she falls right into 14th century Scotland and one very mad Highlander who has taken a vow to kill her.

Circenn Brodie Laird and Thane of Brodie is quite surprised when a female suddenly appears in his chambers. She is strangely dressed and holding his flask. He has been entrusted to protect it and other Fae Hallows, but the flask was lost to him while it was traveling with the Templars. Adam Black the Blackest Elf has made him swear to kill whomever has possession of the flask but Circeen has never killed an innocent much less a woman. Caught in a battle with himself and fulfilling a sworn oath, Circeen is at a loss for what to do. He also has a secret that could change everything between him and Lisa. He is immortal and has to find a way to tell her.

Duncan and Galen Douglas, Circenn's trusted advisors, take bets on Circenn sticking to his sworn vows or breaking them, something he has never done.

Lisa and Circenn fall in love but Lisa can't help but think of her dying mother, who is still in the present day. Lisa is just the woman to bring The Brodie to his knees and he is just the man to fulfill Lisa's hopes and dreams. She doesn't quit looking for a way home and when one is given to her, she can't decide what to do but the Queen of the Fae takes the decision from her.

While off to war Circenn is struck a devastating blow, his bond with Lisa is severed. Fighting like a Beserker he battles the English like no he has in no other battle. When he comes home he finds Adam his assumed enemy and threatens to kill him with one of the Hallows he swore to protect and never use against the Tuatha De Danaan.

Adam convinces Circenn to come to terms with his heritage and much to the dismay of Circenn he must embrace his father and his ways. Although Adam's powers have been severed by the Queen, for the time being he is able to show Circenn the way's of sifting time and finding his love.

Although I like the first two books in this series, I must admit this one really hooked. Karen Marie Moning has mixed romance, time travel, and Fae with just enough of each. Adam Black is the only one with a grown son of mixed heritage. There are few humans who can see both worlds and they are kidnapped as babies.

Most people who don't care much for romance reads seem to really enjoy this installment of the series so I can recommend these books to such a broad range of readers. Well lets go read about a Druid Highlander.

Stay To The Lights,

To Tame A Highland Warrior

A Celtic Legend
Legend tells that the power of the Berserker - preternatural strenght, prowess, virility, and cunning - can be bought for the going rate of a man's soul.

Not everything you see is the truth. Sometimes what you think you are seeing is something totally different.
Wishing on stars do come true for Highlanders and their women. Grimm wished Adrienne for Hawk and now she has made a wish of her own.

Grimm formerly known as Gavrael Roderick Icarus McIllioch has received a letter from his former foster family and it's a summons he can not refuse. Grimm's time for hiding from his fate has come to an end. He must journey to the Lowlands to protect Jillian, although he has no idea from what.
Once at Caithness Grimm, Quinn de Moncrieffe, and Ramsay Logan realize they have been brought to have Jullian decide who she will wed. Grimm afraid to reveal his true self pushes Quinn and Jillian together. Jillian has other ideas.

Jillian's childhood love has returned but wants nothing to do with her. She plans on changing that. She has a decision to make and it's complicated by Grimm's refusal to acknowledge he wants her just as much.

Someone wants Grimm dead. The MaKane's wish to annihilate all Beserkers and will stop at nothing to see this happen. Will the legends come true and the Day of the Beserker reign again or will the MaKane's succeed and destroy Grimm before he can claim his one true mate? For once a Beserker finds true love it's for life and there will be no other for him.

Will this wish on a star come true for this Highlander or will the truth of his true nature tear the woman he loves out of his arms?


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