Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reread: Beyond The Highland Mist Review

Beyond a Highland Mist

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Beyond The Highland Mist introduces us the the world of the Fae, Hawk, and Adrienne. Queen Aoibheal incites the wrath of Adam Black, court jester, and the Fairy King Finnbherra against Hawk.

Sidheach James Lyon Douglas better known as Hawk is a renowned ladies man.One night him and his captain of guards are looking at the stars and Grimm wishes upon a fallen star. His wish is that a lass will be able to resist The Hawk and say no to him. Adam hears this and the King and he sets outs to find the perfect woman to bring this about and extract revenge on an unknowing Hawk.

Adrienne De Simone is the perfect woman to turn the Hawk down and Adam whisks her back in time to the 16th century. She finds herself in the lap of a huge obnoxious man and learns she is to be wed and she will now be known as Janet Comyn. Mad Janet to be more exact.

Once at Dalkeith Upon The Sea Adrienne sees the Smithy and thinks he is most beautiful until she turns and sees her new husband she has never met. Her hatred of beautiful men causes her to instantly dislike Hawk and so begins the journey to love and intrigue. Nothing will ever be the same for either one of the newlyweds. Someone is trying to kill Adrienne, Adam is set upon Hawks destruction, and destiny plays cruel tricks upon the lovers. It will take the Queen of the Fairy stepping in to set things right.

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